Creating template groups

You can organise your templates in groups. Groups work just like the folders in your computer. To create a group first select Templates in the navigation then click the "create new group icon".

Add a group name

We recommend that you type a name that is closely related to the messages that will be inside the group. For example we are going to create a group called "Cupcakes Recipes" for our client "Don Pepe Pan".

Add group description

We recommend that you be specific in your description to have a clearer idea of the content inside group. Following the example of Don Pepe "Cupcake Recipes" group a description could be: "Group with messages of cupcakes recipes in Don Pepe blog and pictures of finished recipes.

Select group icon and tag

These are used to organize your groups and for better visual aid. Save group After adding group name, description, icon and tag click "save" to create the new group.

Editing template groups

To edit a template group hover your mouse over the group/folder and click the “Edit” icon on upper right corner.  Inside group you will be able to change group name, description, icon and tag.