Saving individual messages

Porfolio allows you to save individual messages you create in Send Now, Time Sensitive or Send in Bulk. This is useful when you manually write a message in a compose message box and want to save it to reuse it in the future.

To save any individual message box simply type a message (picture, link or text) in one of the compose message boxes and click the Save disk icon on the right corner of the compose message box.

When you do a new window will appear below the day header asking you which Snippets group you want to save that message. Select the folder you want and click “Save”. This will save the message you created in that group. You can reuse it later by going to the Snippet group and drag-drop into any compose message box.

Notes about saving duplicate messages in the same group:

If you try to save a message and you get an error saying that a message already exist then that means you already have that message saved in the Snippet group you selected. What you can do is save the message in another group or create a new one.