Connecting Social Networks

To connect a social network (Facebook and Twitter) open a group and click “Connect Social Network” icon.

When you do a new window will appear with options to connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts (you can only connect one social network at a time).

Click the “Connect with” button and follow all instructions to authorize Porfolio to schedule messages on your behalf. Note that the social networks you connect will be added to the group you selected.

Editing social networks

To edit a social network click the “Edit” icon. This will allow you to reconnect that social network in case it gets disconnect with Porfolio.

In the editing options click "Connect with" button to reconnect the selected social network.

Deleting/Disconnecting Social Networks

To permanently delete/disconnect a social network from a group click the trash icon and then click "Delete and Disconnect Social Network" button. Note that once you delete/disconnect a social network you will need to reconnect it again in order to use it.