Social Networks

Social Networks are the social accounts you connect (Facebook and Twitter) to later send/schedule messages to them. These social networks are organized in groups and can be drag-drop in the social network box to schedule messages to those specific accounts.

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Creating & Editing social networks groups

Creating social networks groups You can organise your social networks in groups. Groups work just like the folders in your computer. To create a group first select “Social Networks” in the navigation then click the “create new group icon”. Add a group name We recommend that you type a name…

Connecting & Editing Social Networks

Connecting Social Networks To connect a social network (Facebook and Twitter) open a group and click “Connect Social Network” icon. When you do a new window will appear with options to connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts (you can only connect one social network at a time). Click the “Connect…

Using social networks with compose message box

Using social networks with compose message box To send or schedule to a social network all you need to do is drag-drop the social network you want into the social network box. After you drop the social network in the box it will appear with the appropriate social network icon,…