Auto Populate messages

The auto populate feature randomly selects messages from your Snippets groups and automatically attaches a single message to every compose message box in either Send Now, Time Sensitive and Send in Bulk. This allows you to bulk schedule many messages in a couple of seconds from a wide variety of content you have in your groups.

Prerequisite of Auto Populate

  1. You must have snippets groups created and the groups must have at least one message or image.
  2. Determine which scheduling option you are going to use (Send Now, Time Sensitive or Send in Bulk).

Using Auto Populate

Make sure you have the scheduling options ready. Leave all compose message boxes empty. If you write something it will be overwritten by the auto populate. Now select a snippet group you want to auto populate messages then click the auto populate icon.

This will open the auto populate options. To populate messages from the selected group click the "Populate" button. When you do snippets from that group will be automatically attached to all compose message boxes. You can click the "Populate" button as much as you like to randomly reorganize messages.

Auto Populate with multiple groups

If you want to auto populate messages from multiple groups at the same time simply click the snippets groups you like and then click "Populate" button. This will randomly assign messages from all groups selected. Please note that a message is only populated once, so if you have duplicate messages in other groups the auto populate will only pick them once.

Errors you can get with auto populate

If you get an error saying that you need to manually fill an amount of ## messages then that means the group you used to auto populate did not had sufficient amount of messages to fill all compose message boxes. This can happen more often with the Send in Bulk option. You can do two things:

  1. Manually fill the remaining empty boxes with content
  2. Auto populate with multiple groups (recommended to save time)