Adding RSS Feeds

After creating a group you can add as many RSS feeds as you like inside it. Click the "Add new RSS'' icon to connect RSS feeds in the group.

Copy-paste the RSS feed you want to add to Porfolio in the "Add RSS feed" input box. The click "Add Feed" button to import that RSS feed. You can add as many RSS feeds as you like. Once finished click "Save" to save all changes you made. The click "Back" icon to see feeds imported from this RSS.


Try it with Porfolio RSS Feed. Copy paste link below to "Add RSS feed" input box.

Feeds Icons Explanation

  • Play - the  "Play" icon means that the entries in that feed will appear in the group's message list.

  • Pause - the "Pause" icon means that feed entries will not appear in the message list.

  • Trash - delete that RSS feed from the list, also deleting all messages related to that feed that appear in the group.