Porfolio RSS allows you to organize and curate your favorite RSS feeds in groups.

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Creating RSS Groups

Creating RSS Groups You can organise your RSS in groups. Groups work just like the folders in your computer. To create a group first select “RSS” in the navigation then click the “Create new group icon”. Add a group name…

Adding RSS Feeds

Adding RSS Feeds After creating a group you can add as many RSS feeds as you like inside it. Click the “Add new RSS” icon to connect RSS feeds in the group. Copy-paste the RSS feed you want to add…

Reading RSS Feeds

Reading RSS Feeds With Porfolio you can read any RSS feed entry. To read it hover your mouse over the entry and click the “Read” icon. After clicking “Read” icon a new window will appear with the content of the…

Using RSS with compose message box

Using RSS with compose message box Any RSS entry that is imported can be scheduled to you social network by simply drag-drop the entry into any of the compose message boxes in Send Now, Time Sensitive and Send in Bulk.…

Auto Populate RSS

Auto Populate RSS Entries The auto populate feature randomly selects messages from your RSS groups and automatically attaches a single message to every compose message box in either Send Now, Time Sensitive and Send in Bulk. This allows you to…